ID Life Coaching is an integral and dynamic approach to the coaching process. This means, the process isn’t reduced to only a few coaching methods, but a combination and synthesis of many different humanistic, existential, behavioral and cognitive theories, methods and traditions. The coaching toolbox isn’t reduced to only theories throughout the course, but encourages the integration of tools, methods and knowledge from the outside as well.

Another aspect of ID Life Coaching is identity. The aim is to aid in the discovery and uncovering of as many aspects and layers of our human identity as possible. The intention is to rediscover and develop our natural self, to get in touch with our core being and emotions and shed the layers that our environment and background cover us in. By connecting with the core self, the personal truth, life can be lived authentically and with integrity, thereby leading to greater satisfaction and balance.

ID LIfe Coaching has the purposes to:

  • Help people change the attitude to themselves and others towards: being able to see possibilities, realism, broadness, love and accept.
  • Help people develop competences to think, feel and act in ways that increase life quality for themselves and others.
  • Help people find the purpose of their lives and find the personal meaning in the things that happen to them, so they feel they live a valuable and meaningful life.
  • Help people find their authentic identity and being.