I offer to help you stop smoking at cheap prices while I’m under education as an ID Life Coach and need to practice methods and techniques.

By combining methods from coaching with my background as a former smoker, as well as my education in Stone Medicine  and shamanic tools, I can offer a series of sessions that helps you discover what lies behind your desire to smoke, as well as gives you the tools to break the addiction.

We will work on the following areas:

  • Examine why you smoke.
    Using mindfulness and discovery, we find your motivations and needs.
  • Motivation to stop smoking.
    It’s important to know from where and why you want to stop smoking. This will also cover discovering the motivation that will work for you.
  • What is needed so that you no longer need smoking?
    Together we will examine what is needed for you to fulfill the same emotional needs that smoking currently covers.
  • Achieve the realisation that smoking isn’t needed.
    Once you discover that you don’t need smoking any more, it becomes a lot easier to resist the temptation when it arises.
  • Strategies to manage smoking.
    This is where we become practical and together discover what tools and methods will work for you. Mindfulness, training will, mental techniques, forgiveness, and planning are all part of this. On top of that, I offer Rain Bath or Stone Medicine treatments (if you live nearby), which can aid in detoxifying the system on a deeper emotional level. I  also have other shamanic methods to assist you.


Contact me via mail if you want to know more. I have a massage clinic in Åbyhøj, near Aarhus, Denmark (for Rain Bath and Stone Medicine treatments).