I can help you handle stress, overcome stress or recover after breaking down with stress. Together we’ll discover how I can best help you in your currrent situation. We will focus on your needs and as a team we will determine what can aid you the most right now.

  • In the toolbox is both integral coaching: which employs:
    • non-violent communication – learn to speak to yourself and others in a way that is constructive, understanding and creates results
    • Voice Dialogue – understand that we are made up by many different selves, and all have a purpose and message for us
    • Core Transformation – where we investigate our resistances and learn what they are actually seeking in a way that they join our journey instead of fighting it
  • As well as my background as:
    • massage therapist with speciality in Native American stone massage – physical relaxation and stress relief
    • Native American shamanisme – where old methods and the connection to nature brings us grounding, foundation and strength

Work related stress isn’t the only place I can help, but also with stress created by the course of life; deaths in the family, children leaving the nest, unemployment, divorce, feeling stuck, time for something new, and other great life changes.

Contact me by e-mail if you wish more information.